Exhibition Opportunities

Subsea Tieback is the industry’s leading platform for information exchange, networking opportunities and new business development in the deepwater subsea tieback market. Companies are choosing Subsea Tieback as the industry’s premier platform for connecting with key decision-makers worldwide. Make plans now to participate as an exhibitor and make critical connections in this market.

Why Exhibit?

Exhibiting at Subsea Tieback Forum & Exhibition 2024 will:



Bring Qualified prospects directly to you. 




Raise your company profile.



Launch new products and services.






Increase brand awareness.



Stay ahead of your competition. 

Exhibition Investment

Take advantage of an exhibit space only rate of USD $52 per sq. ft.  For premium space (island booth), add USD $1.00 per sq. ft.

Why Exhibit ? - Petroleum Network Education Conferences, May 19-20, 2020 Houston, TX

For more information on exhibiting, please contact: 

Tiffany Takac

Types of Products & Services on Display

If your company is involved in the following types of products and/or services, this event is an essential platform for you:
Exploration & Production
Pipeline Coating Applicators
Pollution & Spill Control
Technical, Laboratory & Computer Services
Compressor Equipment & Services
Financial Services
Power Supply
Telecommunication Systems
Contracting Services
Government Services
Process Equipment & Services
Corrosion/Abrasion Control
Information Technology
Diving Services * Underwater Maintenance
Instruments & Control
Pump Equipment & Services
Trade Associations
Logging & Formation Evaluation
Recruitment & Consultancy
Dynamic Positioning Propulsion
Safety Equipment & Systems
Tubulars & Piping
Safety, Environment Protection & Regulatory Services
Valves & Aculators
Enhanced Recovery
Marine Equipment & Services
Ships, Boats, Vessels & Equipment
Well Completion
Environmental Monitoring & Protection
Offshore Platforms
Sponsor Societies
Waste Disposal

Comprehensive Event Highlights

PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT purchase attendee lists for Subsea Tieback from any outside organizations. Under no circumstances will Endeavor Business Media publicly share our attendee lists from any of our events.  Please be aware that outside organizations are not endorsed by our event and entering into financial agreements with these companies can have costly consequences. Please report any scams to legal@endeavorb2b.com.

For more information on exhibiting, please contact: 

Tiffany Takac