Technology Presentation Theater

The Technology Presentation Theater showcases forward thinking and industry leading companies driving the next generation of subsea technological advancement to the entire Subsea Tieback community.   The Theater is accessible to all attendees and allow for open dialogue in an open format between the presenting companies and the audience.

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Eligibility & Criteria:

Who is eligible to enter? All Subsea Tieback exhibiting companies are eligible to submit proposals. There is no cost to submit.

Proposal Criteria

  • Submit a 250-500 Word Description of the Technology, addressing all selection criteria below
    • New and Novel. The technology must be commercially available and have been promoted less than three years prior to the application. The technology must be new and novel and provide a significant impact to the industry.
    • Appeal. The technology shall have a broad appeal to the subsea industry and be seen to have broad application by operators or suppliers.
    • Significant Impact. The technology shall fulfil a specific need in the areas of system design and/or operations.
    • Qualified. The technology must be TRL 4 or higher, as defined by API 17N. (select TRL level)
      • TRL 4 Technology qualified for first use – Full‐scale prototype built, and technology qualified through testing in intended environment, simulated or actual. The new hardware is now ready for first use
      • TRL 5 Technology integration tested – Full‐scale prototype built and integrated into intended operating system with full interface and functionality tests
      • TRL 6 Technology installed – Full‐scale prototype built and integrated into intended operating system with full interface and functionality test program in intended environment. The technology has shown acceptable performance and reliability over a period of time
      • TRL 7 Proven technology – Technology integrated into intended operating system. The technology has successfully operated with acceptable performance and reliability within the predefined criteria

2020 Presenting Companies & Presentations:

Look but Don’t Touch: The Value of Subsea LiDAR for Leak Detection While Gaining a Free 3D Point Cloud for Mitigation Planning

DTI’s Subsea Pig Launcher: A Self-Contained and Field Proven Solution for Pigging Live Flowlines

Computational Digital Twin for Oil-Field Engineering and Operation

PLC-Based Subsea Leak Detection

Making Subsea Factories a Reality with Subsea Pumping Technology.

Sabertooth: A Resident Hybrid AUV / ROV System.  

VERTICAL MULTIPIPE TECHNOLOGY: An Innovative and Robust Solution for Subsea Gas Liquid Separation in Deepwater

SPRINGS: Desulfation of Seawater at Depths

Wireless Subsea Data Monitoring (Field-Wide Subsea Intelligence)

A Novel Subsea Structure Inspection Method Using UHD Cameras, Offline Inspection, 3D Photogrammetry and VR

Automated Pipeline Design – Smarter, Faster and Cheaper