Full Name
Zachary Bruton
Job Title
Portfolio Development Manager
Over the last 7 years, Zach has worked in the international oil and gas industry. In his most recent position, he serves as a Portfolio Development Manager for Baker Hughes Subsea business in North America. In this role, Zach is responsible for the innovation, digitization, and commercialization of new technologies for the North American subsea market. Prior to that, Zach was in the leadership development program sponsored by Baker Hughes.

Zach began his career as a field engineer for the American Bureau of Shipping where he consulted on the construction of marine vessels and certified subsea drilling equipment. After that, he worked on various business analytics and computer programming projects where he fostered his interest in digital tools and processes.

He holds a MSc in Subsea Engineering from the University of Houston, an Ocean Engineering degree from Texas A&M University and has a Post Graduate Certificate in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning from the University of Texas.
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Zachary Bruton