Full Name
Glenn Mediamolle, Jr. Jr
Job Title
VP Offshore Development
Glenn Mediamolle, Jr. joined LLOG in July of 2012 and has 19 years of industry experience. Prior to joining LLOG, he worked as an Engineering Consultant managing the design and construction of offshore facilities and subsea systems. In his time with LLOG, Glenn served as lead Subsea Engineer for all subsea infrastructure as well as Project Manager for the development and commissioning of 10 new deepwater subsea fields. He also served as Project Manager of LLOG’s first subsea multiphase boosting system brownfield integration to the Who Dat field. Currently, Glenn serves as Vice President – Facilities/Construction, in which his team is responsible for managing all capital field development projects, as well as the subsea asset integrity management program. Glenn is a licensed Professional Engineer and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from Louisiana State University. He also holds a Graduate Certificate in Subsea Engineering from the University of Houston.
LLOG Exploration
Glenn Mediamolle, Jr.