Cypre Project Transformation
Date & Time
Thursday, March 2, 2023, 9:00 AM - 9:30 AM
Parker Berry

BP’s Cypre offshore Trinidad gas field was originally conceived to be developed as a dry tree, normally unattended installation (NUI). Normally it would have taken over three years to execute a project based on this concept. In order to accelerate first gas, BP rapidly developed a subsea concept for the project in approximately three months. Some of the key challenges that needed to be worked for the subsea option included the lack of an IRM vessel in region for inspection and maintenance and a general lack of experience in the region with subsea projects. How do change the mindset of the region from NUI to subsea when it comes to new projects? Can subsea be successful with minimal inspection and intervention capability in region? After an exciting and furious three months, the Cypre subsea team presented a concept that met all the requirements for the project and is planned to deliver first gas an estimated twelve months ahead of the NUI option. The subsea option was selected by the organization and the project is now undergoing FEED. First gas delivery is planned in early 2025.

Location Name
Moody Ballroom