Barracuda HIPPS
Date & Time
Wednesday, March 2, 2022, 12:55 PM - 1:25 PM
Michael Shaw

Barracuda project is located NCMA Trinidad and Tobago and comprises a subsea tie-in to the existing Dolphin Deep subsea infrastructure and back to the Dolphin Area platform. The new Barracuda wells (SITP 6100PSI) are gas producers and flow back through the existing Dolphin Deep flowline (MAWP 4500PSI). The derated section of flowline between the platform and the new infrastructure is protected by the first Subsea HIPPS package to be delivered to Shell Deepwater organization. This is also the first TFMC / Shell HIPPS solution. The presentation will take a look at the key highlights / low points & lessons learned of the project as its moved from Concept to delivery & commissioning. Focus will be on key decision drivers to move forward with a HIPPS solution, Key inputs to the SURF design, Key design challenges, functional safety considerations for subsea & certification, delivery challenges, How we dealt with COVID and remote testing, Installation & commissioning learnings and key take always for future Shell HIPPS projects.

Location Name
Moody Ballroom