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Complimentary Marketing Toolkit

Help Your Company Make The Most Of Its Investment!

We're excited to have your company exhibiting at Subsea Tieback 2017! It is a top priority to provide our exhibitors with as many effective traffic-driving marketing tools to promote your company's presence and increase your ROI.

Below you will find complimentary tools to:

• Increase your booth traffic
• Increase your ROI
• Gain new customers
• Strengthen relationships with your existing customers
• Make the most of your investment

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Questions or issues using the marketing tools below? Please contact Jennifer McPhail at jenniferm@pennwell.com.

Send Your Clients A Complimentary Exhibit Hall Pass

Invite your clients to come see YOU on the Subsea Tieback exhibit hall floor for FREE.

CLICK HERE to download the Complimentary Exhibit Hall Pass for your customers (pdf). Add your company name and booth number to the writeable pdf file, save the file, and email it to your customers and prospects as an attachment to your email.

Subsea Tieback Forum & Exhibition Logo

Use the Subsea Tieback Forum & Exhibition logo and your booth number to promote your involvement.

Visit us at Booth #xxx

Ways to use the logo:

• In print/digital ads
• On company Website or eNewsletters
• In your email signature line

CLICK HERE to download the Subsea Tieback Forum & Exhibition logo in various formats.

Banner Ads

Add A Subsea Tieback Forum & Exhibition Banner Ad To Your Website/eNewsletters/Social Channels/Signature Line

CLICK HERE to download these ready-to-use Subsea Tieback banner ads.

Select the appropriate size for your website and link it to the Subsea Tieback website.

Social Media

Do you want a way to talk to the attendees before the event?

If yes, then immerse yourself in the Subsea Tieback social channels. Subsea Tieback is heavily involved on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Don’t just follow, use, but get involved in the conversations. How do you do that? It’s simple. Post engaging questions and information about your products/service. Encourage attendance to YOUR booth - provide followers with an 'insiders' look at what will be happening at your booth (for example: product demonstrations, giveaways, etc.).

• LinkedIn is a perfect avenue for you to network with industry professionals and start conversations before you even get to the event. We encourage you to post questions, ideas and industry hot topics to our group. Post discussions about the industry and ask engaging questions - Not just a sales pitch!

• Post about your participation and involvement with Subsea Tieback on your company's social channels. Share with your audience what will be taking place at your booth - giveaways, product demonstrations, who will be there, etc. Use our Hashtag - #SubseaTieback

• Retweet/Share/Repost from the events social channels to yours

• Images are KEY
- Post images of your booth, products, etc. Use the banner ads and post them on your channels as an image - Get creative!

Get Involved NOW!


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